Friday, November 9, 2012

Getting Ready for Winter

The process of raising awareness and funds for a nonprofit is no simple task. It can take weeks, months, and years to build relationships in the community, let alone throughout the nation. And so it is that the few members of Tree of Life staff find ourselves as we enter into the winter months. One can also think that it may only be those who are in dire straits that would send their child, or be willing, to go on a trek in these chilly and freezing fall and winter nights.

So we press on as a team; feeling the calling of the Lord on our lives to serve in this ministry. Equally, we feel the pinch of the elusive paycheck, the discouragement from the lack of potential clients, and the overwhelming breadth of work to be done for this mission to succeed. There is no way we can do this… not alone at least. And there lies the true test of faith; unable to see the outcome of the current circumstances. The resounding answer: “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” (Matt 19:26) So, we press on, we fight the good fight.
It may be common sense for us who believe in the Power of God that we must trust Him completely in this process. And most of the time, in our day and age, Christ works through His body to accomplish His plan. So, we need your help, and here’s how:
1)      Please partner with us in prayer:
a.       That God provides the means for this organization to continue, grow, and thrive
b.      That the clients that will benefit from our program have a way to come; both by being aware of our program and having the means to afford it
c.       That we continue to build partnerships that will refer potential clients to us
d.      That we form relationships with partners that can fund scholarships for clients

2)      Spread the word about our program! We are here to help anyone that wants to grow closer to the Lord, clear any obstacles that are blocking them from living a God-abundant life, and walk with them through their wilderness to help them be restored to their community.

3)      Donate! We are in need of funds for the following:
a.       A mandatory behavior intervention training - $2,000
b.      Snowshoes for clients and staff  – $800 (can be donated items)
c.       A wall tent for winter trekking - $2,000 (can be a donated item)
d.      Donations to build a scholarship fund for clients
e.      Living expenses for staff who are currently not being paid
For more information on how to support us or make a donation, please visit: Thank you so much for your support, encouragement, and prayers. This would not be possible without all the help from family, friends, and community like you. To God be the glory!

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